Why Do I Need to Stay Fit & Healthy now?


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Funny that at this age we are now at, we needed to be reminded to stay fit and healthy. Choosing to stay fit and healthy have become more of a choice rather than a necessity to keep life going. Probably we are too caught up with the daily work grind that makes us  neglect and also allow our health to take the backseat which in my opinion is a recipe for a health disaster for your life.

You may want to sit back and ask yourself now, why do I need to stay fit and healthy? I am asking this question to myself too and here are my 5 reasons to why I need to stay fit and healthy now and I mean it right now, today :

1. I realize that I’m getting older everyday, although it doesn’t really shows out on the surface. Haha. The many hidden strands of graying hair are my constant reminder that I can’t turn back the clock and stay young forever. I don’t know how far of a health risk that (graying hair) shall impose to me. However, I just hope it is more of a hereditary thing. The realization that I ain’t going to get any younger by the seconds is more than enough reason for me to continue taking care after my overall fitness and health. I want to be able to be healthy to do so many other things life have in store for me.

2. At * cough, 27 going 28 later this year (gosh, am I really that old?) and of course I’m still seeing myself in the future as married with a kid or two and only God knows when that is coming yeah, so it is absolutely vital for me to stay super healthy, eating good healthy food, exercising constantly in the sole hope that I can lower down my biological age to the range of mid 20′s as I go through my close to 30 technical age. The whole point here, I just want to be able to have kids at a later age (30ish) provided that my biological age at that time says I’m still in my 20ish. Hahaha.

3. I need to stay fit and healthy always and forever because I want to be able to travel the world and explore life as I grow older. I want to be able to travel constantly because guess what, we are born as explorers. So let’s explore to discover, so that you’ll learn and grow.

4. Okay, I have to admit this… I have always been a health freak! Haha. I grew up playing too much sports and I just can’t help it but learning about keeping up with the healthy diet regime and exercising routine because that is how we should lead an ideal, balance lifestyle.

5. By staying fit and healthy, I am a happier, positive, cheerful and a successful person. I want to be able to bring out all the good, healthy energy from me and vibrate the good vibes to other people because that will hopefully make life a better place to live in. It is wonderful on how powerful our human body is. Learning to stay healthy and fit makes you want discover more of what potentials your body have and what it can really do and all that can be achieved easily by fixing the basis and in my case, to stay fit and healthy.

So there you go, the 5 ultimate reasons to why I need to stay fit and healthy now.

Do you think you need to stay fit and healthy as well? What do you think?

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